Sigris Research, Inc. is engaged in the development and manufacture of nucleic acid purification systems for sample preparation use in diagnostic laboratories based on a novel magnetic mixing process, MixSep™. Sigris is an ISO 13485 certified company and manufactures its products in Southern California.

The MixSep™ process is covered under U.S., European and Japanese patents issued or pending and offers a simple and versatile technology platform, applicable to a wide range of products including fully automated workstations or large volume systems suitable for the purification of rare cells. Our products are comply with the regulatory requirements in U.S., European Common Market and Japan and manufactured under ISO 13485:2003 guidelines and are sold worldwide. Aimed at molecular diagnostics, our purification systems offer significant improvements over the current state-of-the-art at an affordable cost.

Our business strategy is to identify targeted applications and commercialize, directly or through strategic alliances for marketing, sales and distribution. Since 2004 Sigris has been supplying bioMeriéux SA the MCB 1200 under an OEM label NucliSens® miniMAG™ for sale worldwide.

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