Modular Robotic Sample Prep System
SieNA robotic instrument offers a pluggable 24 sample magnetic processor module integrated with an automated liquid handling system and a barcode reader for patient sample tubes. To accommodate growing workloads, up to 4 modules may be installed without changing the basic system to increase the process capacity up to 96 samples. A servo driven arm integrates a modular pipetting system for fast positioning of the pipettes for aspiration and transfer of samples, reagents and purified samples in the volume range of 10ul up to 2000ul. All pipette systems are independently driven by micro annular gear pumps and equipped with liquid level sensors. The standard two pipette systems can be expanded to include four independent pipettes and either washable or plastic disposable tips can be employed. No maintenance or replacement parts required for the pipette pumps.
[SieNA automated sample prep.pdf]
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