MCB 1200
The MCB 1200
Nucleic Acid Purification Personal Workstation
The MCB 1200 is a 12 sample nucleic acid purification device for use in molecular diagnostics or research. It provides rapid and reproducible extraction of DNA, RNA, mRNA viruses, proteins and microorganisms. High quality,extracts are obtained with the MCB 1200 offering significant improvements in the purity and yield of target species at a modest cost. The absence of fluid shear means that very large fragments of macromolecules such as DNA can be extracted from samples.   [Nucleic Acid Extraction MCB 1200.pdf]

MCB 1200 is an open system, easy to operate via a keypad touch panel, providing various modes of mixing for the optimization of extraction protocol.  Optimized steps of the protocol can be easily adapted for an automated Sample Prep instruments such as SieNA. The generic extraction protocol means that the device can be used with most commercially available kits as well as the adaptation of the manual techniques developed in-house. Sample volumes in the range 5 – 100 µl may be used. No special plastic-ware need be purchased and generally available 1.5 ml micro-centrifuge tubes may be used on the instrument.

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Under the OEM label, Nuclisens MiniMAG (R), the MCB 1200 instrument has been successfully validated world over for Sample Preparation required in molecular diagnostics. MCB 1200 offers the lowest cost of entry for diagnostic labs contemplating molecular diagnostic capability for their labs. It has been clinically validated for the extraction of:
  1. HIV RNA, HBV DNA, CMV mRNA, Legionella pneumophilia RNA, Bordetella Pertussis, RNA, Mycoplasma pneumoniae RNA and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, from
  2. Whole blood, plasma, serum, CSF, throat swabs, sputum, lung biopsy, gargle and stool.
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