Developed at Sigris Research, the patented MixSep™ process is based on rapid changes in the direction of magnetic field to induce a back and forth movement of magnetic particles across the motionless fluid. The formation of the affinity bond (capture efficiency) between the particle surface and target requires a close contact which is in turn dependent on the collision frequency. The process significantly enhances the mixing efficiency by providing high collision frequency between particles and target without fluid shear. Absence of fluid shear at the particle surface ensures that relatively weak affinity bond remain unaffected. MixSep™ process is applicable to a wide variety of purification needs such as nucleic acids, proteins and rare cells. Furthermore, the process can be easily scaled-up for the purification from large sample volumes.
Increase in infectious diseases particularly viral infections has prompted many clinical laboratories to use molecular techniques to provide specificity and early detection. This is especially relevant in the case of HIV infection. Molecular diagnostic invariably requires the extraction of nucleic acid from patient samples, the so called Sample Prep. As the work load increases, automation of Sample Prep has become critical issue. Current Sample Pep techniques are unable to meet this growing workload at a reasonable cost. Our processors are simple and compact which can be conveniently integrated on an automated platform such as SieNA to offer a cost effective way to address this need.

Magnetic Mixing Offers:
  • Substantial increase in sample yield and purity.
  • Cost effective automation.
  • High efficiency mixing without fluid shear.
  • Fast binding kinetics from high collision frequency between particles and target species.
  • Seamless integration of mixing and separation functions.
  • Simultaneous processing of many samples.
  • Simple to scale-up for large volumes (100ml and over).
  • Applicable to nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), viruses, proteins and microorganisms and rare cells such as stem cells, dendritic cells.
Click below to see a movie demonstrating the MixSep technology processing magnetic beads in a test tube.

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